Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Work

Here is some work from all of us. Some stills from James' modeling class, a video from Joshes dynamics class, and a Zombie that I am sculpting to eventually texture for my texture painting class.

*click for larger view*


J. Masse said...

Elliot- I am beginning to see why you like dynamics so much.

MrT said...

Great work guys.

James I'm glad to see your making some pretty nice models. What about putting some solar cells on the house roof? Nice blender. It has pleasant forms. Did you use Booleans on the dice or bump map?

Matt that music goes so well with the zombie head. I like the combination of textures / subtools. Maybe make the eye socket deeper so it looks hollow.

Josh dynamics are a lot of fun. I'm happy to see your digging them. I bought Maya 2009. The dynamics have improved a lot. You can make elastic boogers now!

fluxist8070 said...

The blender is really nice! It is nice to see some work!

Matt, nice zombie head. Rotting flesh, yumm. That is going to be really fun to polypaint and shade! I am envious!

Josh, the fireworks look nice.
Are you going to mask off the city so that it looks like the fireworks are behind? Howabout fireworks over springfield?

Glad to see you guys are hard at work and doing well. Keep at it.

The Sickels said...

Guys! Love the work. Very cool.
Your apartment must be oozing with creative energy! Matt, creepy zombie music. I like it. Have the guys seen the Zombie movie?
See you soon, Mom

Matthew R. Dale said...

Oh, they have seen it. They cried in fear.

fluxist8070 said...

Hey guys,
I am putting together a video for the cg dept for promo purposes. do you guys have any high res renders, turntables, etc that you could email over? i got some stuff on the maya drive, but would like to add some diversity to the vid. I need to get the video made soon, so let me know.

J. Masse said...

I'm not sure what I can provide you with thats up to par for a promo. Only thing would be the fireworks file and a character weightlifting.

Matthew R. Dale said...

ill see what i can find, but im not sure how ill be able to send a large video file. if you wanted to set up an account on a file uploading site, like mediafire, that would work. ill see if i can round anything up.

fluxist8070 said...

thanks. I setup a media fire account. let me know when you are ready to upload and I can email you credentials.

Matthew R. Dale said...

hey matt, weve got a few videos and stills for your video. also think about replacing a good portion of the work on the 'student 3D work' link on the CG page of the SC website. most of it is outdated. maybe that can be a project for next fall though, just something to think about.

Mrs. W said...

James I love the blender model. The details are fantastic!