Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Time No Post

I apologize to everyone for the lack of information as of late. We have all been pretty swamped with work. It's been hard to find much spare time to do much of anything. In fact the opening day showing of Watchmen we attended was the first thing we had done for fun in.....months. The semester is starting to wind down now, just 3 more weeks to go. It's truly amazing just how fast the time has passed out here. It is as if the concept of time has somehow been skewed and distorted around our ultra busy lifestyle. It is somewhat saddening to see our time at Gnomon begin to draw to its conclusion, but I am anxious for the East Coast and Maine. Due to one of my classes originally being scheduled for a delayed start, I am now driving back to Maine alone, as Josh had assumed I would be staying here longer then him and James. While this is slightly disheartening news for such a long journey, I am excited to make it alone. With no pressing engagements to return to, I am planning on taking my time and really soaking in some of the wonders of the West. I am planning on spending at least 2 nights in Zion National Park, Utah, hiking and photographing the area. Perhaps a night will be spent in Arches National Park as well. It's hard to say at this point. I will spending time with my Aunt, Uncle and two little cousins in Crested Butte, CO as well, shortly after my visits to the National Parks, another stop I am looking forward to. Traveling the country alone is something I have secretly always wanted to do. The romance and mystery of the open road will be a great adventure to partake in.

The weather out here has been spectacular lately. The average temperature has been between 60-70 on most days, even high on others. Oddly enough I find myself pining for the damp, wet Maine spring. There is something uplifting about seeing the world coming back into fruition after winter, something that is not present here in the land of perpetual sunshine.

As far as work goes, we have all been hard at work. Josh is well on his way in his final animation, James is busy modeling a car and his video game character, and I am busy with my lighting, my character and a whole bunch of speed sculpts for my Zbrush Texturing class. However, speaking for myself (and I would assume the others) I have learned so much that I haven't even had time to digest it all. I am looking forward to the summer so I can really apply the techniques I have learned to my personal work.

I attached a photo I took at Santa Monica Beach during my mothers visit, and a 3 hour speed sculpting exercise I worked on for class. Ill get some more work from the guys pretty soon, I promise.


J. Masse said...

Well said Old Man...well said.

Mrs. W said...

Wow! Each of you have a separate but lifechanging experience. There is a sense of sadness but also HOPE that every experience in LA has brought you all closer to your dream and purpose. Keep bloggin Matt as you travel home, our hearts are with each of you and know that you are well on your way. When I think of what this experience has meant, it blows my mind. I expect to hear from you coming home the same way you blogged on your trip to LA. I am proud of James, Josh and you. Each of you blow my mind. Thank you! (smile)-Mrs. Wink(James'mom)

Matthew R. Dale said...

Thanks Mrs.W! Im not sure when I'll have internet access (no hotels), but I am certainly going to try to update people as much as possible.