Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tarons Art Opening at Gnomon.

This past evening, James and I had the opportunity to attend an art opening in the Gnomon gallery of works created by the artist, Taron.

On display was a large variety of 3D canvas prints. His work in many cases was both beautiful and disturbing all at once. I believe that his renders and presentation took his art from the "digital media" realm to that of fine art, a task any digital artist will tell you is not an easy one to achieve. In addition to his digital work, Taron also had on display a few of his traditional paintings, and a few images from his sketchbook. After viewing these images it is immediately evident that he is almost as well versed in traditional as he is in digital arts.

I have included a few pictures (it is a shame I did not think to take more), of the gallery for your viewing pleasure. I encourage all of you to take a look at more of his work, which can be found at .

Thank you for reading!

*Click for larger versions*


MrT said...

Looks fun. Hey Matt, I'll write the letter. BTW your other site is in Japanese now?

MrT said...
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Matthew R. Dale said...

Thanks Elliott. actually i changed the blogs url. its linked from the main page of this blog.

fluxist8070 said...

Taron has some pretty nice sketches.
Actually, I am going to be working on updating the site this semester too. I will send credentials to your spfldcol address.

Mrs. W said...

The sketches are VERY VERY interesting. I am so pleased that you all are being exposed to a variety of media and styles! What an experience. Press in because time is moving along, and we are watching you grow through this experience.

J. Masse said...