Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gesture Studies

In the past couple days I've been working on some Zbrush sculpts. These are simply gesture/anatomy/and proportion studies. My teacher, Ryan Kingslien creates a lot of digital "fine art sculptures", basically pieces that have no practical purpose besides looking nice (hopefully!). I have tried my hand at this concept, applying the knowledge I have gained thus far in his Zbrush&Anatomy class.

*Watch videos in High Quality for Audio*


Dramatically Posed Man:


Mrs. W said...

umm, very interesting, but I love the music :)Remember, not the technical expert!Thanks for the update Matt. Smack James for me!

Matthew R. Dale said...

sure thing mrs. winkfield!

Anonymous said...

couple more figures and you have a springfield tableau!

MrT said...

Interesting. Making something to animate in games or film require different methodologies even though it is also art. Sculpting for fine art is fun because it frees your creativity. I prefer it.

The people you sculpted look very happy and energetic. Did you base your poses off of photo reference or did you have James and Josh pose for you ;)

How many polys?

Keep up the good work.

fluxist8070 said...
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fluxist8070 said...

looking good! It looks like you are staying busy. What about James and Josh?

J. Masse said...

Fireworks on the way sir, and a character weightlifting coming soon