Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Joshua Tree Images (SEE BLOG POST BELOW!)

A few additional images from Joshua Tree.



chrisparent said...

Too funny... I have seen the Oakwood Apts on Craigslist...
I see monster faces in everyone of those pictures that you posted from the Joshua Tree National Park... Arron Simms just came out with a new video called Creating Creatures in PhotoShop - I highly recommend it. You'll start seeing monsters in everything too after you watch it.
5 classes - WOW! Dude, you are going to be busy! Scott's classes are going to be awesome - He is a great teacher and has helped me alot. Is Eric Miller is teaching your textures class? - If he is plan on that being your longest hardest class. I had him for Texture Mapping - the class was only supposed to be 3 hours and he turned it into 6-7... which would have been great if I planed on it but it ate up too much of my time allotted for my other classes. He has a way of taken a simple procedure and turning it around to show you the most extreme/complicated situation the procedure can be in. I'm sure all of you are going to kick ass! Best of luck and please keep us all posted.


fluxist8070 said...

The pond looks like a foot print.
Great pics. These pics could be your senior show. The video is really nice. You guys are really investigating the landscape and your environment. VERY exciting stuff!
You may want to check out a piece called Streamside Day Follies. It is a pretty go example of how landscape intersects with digital art. It explores virtual and physical spaces simultaneously. Good luck!

Matthew R. Dale said...

chris- ryan kingslien is actually teaching the zbrush classes. scott would have been nice, but ryan is still amazing, and one of my favorite zbrush artists :D

eric miller isnt teaching the class, but that sounds really intense.

matt- thanks a lot! ill have to check that out.

fluxist8070 said...

ALSO, I am sure that you are going to have a vast array of resources at your disposal at Gnomon. But, if you guys need help or advice about anything, shoot me an email. I am here to help.

MrT said...

Ryan Kingslien is the Man