Thursday, January 1, 2009

Smooth Sailing.

Yesterday we made our way from Martinsburg, WV to Nashville, TN. We spent the majority of our time driving through the western side of Virginia. The area we saw was a simple one, nothing but rolling hills, cows grazing, ancient silos and elaborate water towers (I think its a Virginian pride thing or something, these suckers look like monuments). It was a rather peaceful drive, and the first section of our journey that we truly felt on the road. It was an area neither of us had previously traveled, a totally new experience. The road ran right along with the beautiful Shenandoah mountain range. This probably would have been a more breathtaking sight in the summer or autumn, but it was beautiful nonetheless. The weather was sporadic at best; snow flurries one minute, bright sunshine the next. The only elemental factor that did not vary was the wind. 40mph+ winds blew all day, making driving a bit difficult at time, but nothing of great concern. A few miles out of Knoxville, TN, we finally made it on to the final major highway of our trip, Interstate 40 (which becomes historic Rt. 66 after Oklahoma City). We will remain on Interstate 40 for the 2000 miles, all the way to sunny Los Angeles. Today's trek will take us to Oklahoma City, OK, about 676 miles. See you there.

Happy New Year!

Check out a colorful Water tower in Virginia. Don't mind the poor audio.


TheSickels said...

Hey guys,
Glad to read your posts. Sounds like you are having fun and making good time. Love the video, too. Be safe.

Anonymous said...

and what did you do on new years eve?

Matthew R. Dale said...

We slept! Haha, we watched the ball drop (only 11pm our time) and then fell asleep soon after. I think Josh was asleep before 12am! Driving 10 hours is tiring.