Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New England Boys in Hollywood

At long, (oh so) long last, Josh, James and I moved in to our apartment Monday afternoon. Josh and I arrived around 11:30am, only to be told that we couldn't actually move into our apartment until 3:30pm. That sort of deflated our excitement a bit, but no worries, its not like there isn't anything in Hollywood for us to occupy our time with. So finally 3:30pm rolled around, and we began unpacking, rearranging. However, since this is only a one bedroom apartment, I am forced to sleep in the living room on a surprisingly comfortable cot, and I had to convert the coat closet/pantry into shelves and a clothes closet. We make do. Our kitchen is a true ode to college kids, with a heavily stocked freezer full of pizza, Hot-Pockets, sausage, etc, and a lot of beer (none for James, hes only 20, bless his little heart). The apartment is roomy, and has begun to start to look more like a home than the giant hotel room it formerly resembled. We have a nice fenced in patio, sliding glass doors with a screen, a clean, wide open bathroom area, and a rather spacious living room, with 3 seating areas. Perfect. We aren't sure what the next few days hold for us, as we do not have class until Monday. We are thinking about getting up super early for Leno tickets (they are free provided you are lucky enough to be in line in time), perhaps a much needed tour of Gnomon? Visiting a studio (what studio you say? Oh perhaps, ABC, NBC, WB, Universal, Disney Animation)? Endless possibilities, but whatever we choose, I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy a few photos of our diggs.


J. Masse said...

All parents please disregard the unmade beds :)

The Masses said...

Good morning LA guys, your apartment is great. Sounds like you are exploring the LA area. The photos and video are fun to see and watch. Hope you get Leno tickets.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are safe and there! I woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday, and worried till I called yesterday.
I want pictures of your hands in the wlak of fame, venice beach and that fabulous museum....

The Sickels said...

Josh, Matt and James,
It's great you guys have time to visit some sights, etc. before you have to begin school. The place looks great. I think we (parents) would have been more surprised if the beds were MADE in the pictures rather than unmade ;) I want to know if the place came with a vacuum and if so who is going to use it? If Matt vacuums please take a picture for me!
The pictures of the zoo are great, but since I'm at school I have to wait until I get home to see the video, we have blockers here at FMS.
Have fun exploring!

fluxist8070 said...

Nice place fellas.
Congrats on successfully traveling across the country.

Mrs. W said...

Ok, before I read Josh's mind wondered "Why aren't those beds made (LOL)!" I'd like to see you all cooking something from my famous cookbook...Besides that, I think your place is nice and James'dad says your compound is full of people from the entertainment industry. Did you think about getting tickets to the Price is Right? Lots of college students get tickets for the show. I'm so glad you all are resting and getting settled into your place. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Take care of one another. I miss you James.

Joslyn said...

This place needs a woman's touch! How's about my friend and I come for a week in a month or two? Haha. Oh and I talked to the bookings editor at Seventeen...she knows LOTS of LA models!

Looking good guys

Matt-fantastic photos


The Masses said...

Heard you had an earthquake. Did you feel it the shaking?

Matthew R. Dale said...

Haha, I wasnt aware we had one! So i guess no, we didnt feel the shake.

MrT said...

I'm glad to see you all have made it to LA safe and sound.

I have a feeling it's about to be crunch time like you've never experienced before. Ya might want to put away the video games and get warmed up in the 3D apps.

Best of luck. You can always get a hold of me if you need help or advice.

P.S. Alex Alvarez is a serious dude.

fluxist8070 said...


How is it? How is the school?
How are the classes?
Are you guys on XBOX LIVE?
my gamer tag is fluxist8070 (of course)

J. Masse said...

we had our first classes monday, well i had mine anyway, james got cancelled and matt didn't have one. I had dynamic effects, in 3 hrs I now know more about particles than ever before. I am required to make 4 different effects using a multitude of different fields. One effect must consist of a swirling nebula with background stars and moving camera, nothing that I can;t far anyway

Matthew R. Dale said...

Yeah yeah yeah, Ill post something tonight, Matt. I have Lighting and Rendering tonight, and I took some pics of the school yesterday, so I'll post those and write a bit about my class tonight.

Matthew R. Dale said...


I know you said you were thinking about using XNA for Character Class next fall, and I didn't know if you had seen this Digital Tutors DVD.