Sunday, January 25, 2009

James does work too!

Here is some of James' work. A few shots of a skull he had to sculpt for his Intro Zbrush class, and then a render of the shader series he worked on for Texture Mapping.
Im sure he'd appreciate feedback!

I also included a few images of some environmental sculpting Ive started to experiment in.

My Environmental Sculpts:


J. Masse said...

yeah lets hear it for James!

fluxist8070 said...

All Right James! Nice start on the skull! The shaders look really nice.
Keep it up!

Matt, nice columns!

joeparent said...

Hey guys! What's up? Looks like your already kicking ass! I can't wait to be there for the Summer Session... I hate to give advise in fear of pissing someone off but I can tell you what I did that helped me with Sculpting an Ecorche... Drawing! Get yourself a pad of blank paper and draw a 100 skulls, muscle groups, etc.. AND always remember to have FUN - that's why we chose to do what we do!
Looking forward to seeing you all progress!

The Sickels said...

Nice skull James! I'm totally amazed by what you guys are able to create. The level of creative energy throughout the school must just be way up there! What a great atmosphere.
Keep sharing your work. It's fun to look at what you are all doing.

MrT said...

Hey James, it's great to see some of your work! Thats a solid start on the skull. There are a couple of areas in the center that look like the X symmetry brush crossed the Y axis. I did this all the time too. Now I turn off the symmetry when working close to the center. I turn it back on after. That way the sculpt won't look mirrored.

Are you building shaders from scratch? Shaders are very cool once you get over the initial nodal notion down. I like to experiment with crazy shader networks on random objects just to see what will happen without messing up some important project. Your shaders with highly reflective surfaces might benefit from environment maps. This is an image that reflects around the objects giving the illusion of a larger world or even just a color...

Keep up the good work!

Matt your environmental sculpts are looking good too. I can see your trip across the country has influenced your art. The ground plane is very naturalistic. If you did another division level or two you could use alpha brushes of your photos to give fine detail showing the natural systems of flow impact on the environment. The column is coming along too. Are you using subtools on that?

Whats up Josh?

Mrs. W said...

James it is great to see some of your work. It looks great to me but I can't offer any technical perspective.I know you are a perfectionist and will spend hours working on a piece. Remember to watch the expertise of the people at Gnomon, take advice, ask questions, practice and totally immerse yourself into this experience. Matt thanks for being the point person..Josh, Im sure you will find something worth remembering in that class! By the way I'm sure you all are missing the snow, wind, freezing rain.... AARGH!

fluxist8070 said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Mrs. W. and JoeParent.
I hope yo guys are doing well in sunny California.