Saturday, January 31, 2009

Work updates.

Hey everybody. Here is some work we have done in the past few days. First is a walk cycle that Josh animated for his character animation class. I also included a few Zbrush images I made. The first is the beginnings of an anatomy study for my zbrush&anatomy class. The second is my entry for a sculpting challenge on and the last is a head study that I worked on with some guidance from Ryan Kingslien.



J. Masse said...

News Update: My External HDD failed and I have lost everything.


fluxist8070 said...

get a lacie brick.
durable and it looks like a giant lego. nice animations!

chrisparent said...

I'm so jealous... Ryans class must just be awesome! Not only is he one of the most talented 3D artist; but he appears to be a very down to earth guy...? Have you seen Alex Alvarez walking around yet? Models are looking great! I look forward to your updates!

Matthew R. Dale said...

ryans a really awesome guy.

update on my hardrive. dying...slowly but surely.

J. Masse said...

at least you get a heads up...jerk

The Masses said...

Hi guys, nice work from everyone really amazing projects. Hope you had time for super bowl and Austrailian Open. Very wintery here in Maine.

Matthew R. Dale said...

ugh. ive had just about enough of the aussie open. i have been sleeping on an Australian time-zone sleep schedule for 2 weeks. its painful.

The Sickels said...

Hey Guys,
The new stuff looks great! I'm so impressed. Josh, sorry about your hard drive.
Matt, Paul Pierce landed in dads lap at the game yesterday. He (dad) was thrilled! The kid next to him, whose lap was also part of the landing zone, cried!
Keep sharing! Love to see everyone's work.

Mrs. W said...

Keep truckin' on guys! No time to waste...

MrT said...

Hey Guys,

Sorry I've MIA lately. I'm maneuvering legal and logistical aspects of Vermont Digital Arts. Need my ducks in a row to take on some serious contracts.

Matt- your sculpts are looking good. Did you start the figure in Maya or Zbrush with Zspheres?
The skull is cool. Sub tools? The head is really good.

Josh – nice walk cycle. Did you model or rig her too?

James – what's up any new work?

BTW - I and some others from SC are participating in Thing A Day 2009.

I'm MrT if you want to check it out.